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BAJAM - Direct manufacturer of technical textiles clothing industry:
Electroplating, dairies, sugar refineries, chemical plants and pharmaceutical products.


  • bags for anode and cathode
  • Titanium baskets, bags
  • Candle filter bags
  • bags for waste
  • filter presses Bellows
  • fabric filter presses
  • filter discs
  • and more ...


  • Cheese cloths
  • Cheese bags
  • nets for aging cheese
  • clinic cheese



Sugar refineries:

  • GP filters
  • chamber filter type DIASTAR
  • filter presses
  • filtering sleeves
  • and more ..


  • cement
  • chemical plants
  • pharmaceutical companies
  • and more ...

We sew all kinds of confection that is used in the production cycle of above mentioned industries.

We guarantee high quality products at konkukencyjnych prices. CHECK - Make an inquiry - fast and professional valuation! Attempts to send our products for free!

We encourage you to cooperation with us        Email us:  biurobajam@gmail.com